Identity thieves are constantly finding ways to lure members into disclosing their personal financial information.  While the style and type of scam continues to evolve, the goal is the same.  These scammers need your financial information to put money into their pockets, regardless if the money comes from your savings, checking or loan accounts.

Voice Vishing:
This scam attempts to trick Members into providing financial information over the phone.  These messages are being sent to large blocks of phone numbers that include both Garden City Teachers Federal Credit Union Members and Non-Members.  They are being contacted via an automated phone call saying their debit card has been deactivated; they are then prompted to enter their 16-digit card number in order to have their card reactivated.

Our credit card processor would NEVER contact our Members this way.  They will always call you and it will be a live person.  If they do leave a voicemail they will never mention anything about your card.  Garden City Teachers Credit Union never sends emails, text messages or makes unsolicited phone calls asking for your personal financial information.

To protect yourself, please be highly suspicious when receiving phone calls or messages that instruct you to provide them with credit or debit card numbers or other account information. And please do not provide any of your confidential account information. If you have provided information, please contact us immediately at 620.275.0131.

Precautions you should take:

  • Consider every email, telephone call or text message requesting your PIN, CVV or credit/debit card information or personal data to be a scam.
  • Never call a phone number you receive from a spam email.
  • If you unknowingly reach an automated voice message that asks for personal information, don’t enter it.