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  • Text Message Phishing

    IF YOU HAVE RECIEVED A TEXT MESSAGE STATING THAT YOUR DEBIT CARD HAS BEEN SUSPENDED AND TO RE-ACTIVATE OR RE-INSTATE IT YOU MUST FOLLOW THE LINK PLEASE DELETE THIS MESSAGE AND DISREGARD - IT IS A PHISHING SCAM! Garden City Teacher's Federal Credit Union will never ask for personal information through a text message or through a phone call.  As technology advances we are seeing new ways for scammer's to phish for your personal ...

    Posted at July 11, 2013 | By : Jason | Categories : G.C.T.F.C.U. Messages | 0 Comment
  • Phishing Alert!

    Identity thieves are constantly finding ways to lure members into disclosing their personal financial information.  While the style and type of scam continues to evolve, the goal is the same.  These scammers need your financial information to put money into their pockets, regardless if the money comes from your savings, checking or loan accounts. Voice Vishing: This scam attempts to trick Members into providing financial information over the phone.  These messages are being sent to large blocks of phone numbers ...

    Posted at May 11, 2012 | By : Jason | Categories : G.C.T.F.C.U. Messages | 0 Comment
  • Welcome!

    Welcome to Garden City Teachers Federal Credit Union.  Please be aware that some of your previous options may have changed.  We look forward to assisting you, and giving you a user friendly expreience. Don't forget we offer e-statements!  Contact us today to get set up!

    Posted at February 29, 2012 | By : Jason | Categories : G.C.T.F.C.U. Messages | 0 Comment