How do I access my statement through email?

To access your e-statement you must first supply the Credit Union with a valid email address and after you receive your statement to access it the password is your social security number with dashes.

What is your routing number?


How do I activate my debit card?

The activation phone number for debit cards is 1-855-726-4885

What if I forgot my debit card PIN number?

Contact the Credit Union and we can set up a new pin number for you.

Why isn’t my debit card working?

First thing you may want to do is contact us to see if your card has been put on block, if so we are able to unlock them for you.  After 3 bad pin number attempts cards will automatically lock themselves out.  This is the main reason for cards not working.

How many online transfers can I make a month?

Our online system will only allow you to transfer up to 6 times a month.  After your 6 transfers you will have to contact us to transfer money until a new month rolls around.

What does it cost to wire transfer money?

Any wire done within the U.S. (destination) will cost you a fee of $15.00.  If you wish to wire money outside of the U.S. please contact us for more information.